Saturday, October 29, 2011

Lime Diet

Diet with lemon is quite popular and many people acted, but does this lemon has acidic properties that have to be careful to have stomach problems. Lime (Citrus aurantifolia) is a fruit that has a sour and slightly bitter taste. The benefits of lime are generally we know so far is simply to remove the fishy smell or a food flavoring, but it turns out the benefits of lime are very numerous and varied. Based on the research, the existing content of vitamin C in citrus juice vitamin C content than other citrus fruits.
Diet with lemon is quite popular and many people acted, but does this lemon has acidic properties that have to be careful to have stomach problems Diet, Diet With Lime, Lime Benefits

This plant is thought to have come from the northern region of India. Citrus fruit juice contains lots of water and vitamin C are high. Leaves, fruits, and flowers, flying oils contain limonin and linalool. Usually lime grows well in lowland areas are much exposed to sunlight.

Pectin and acid taste element contained in it helps to eliminate toxins in the body. If you want to do a detox, you can drink a large glass of water with extra lemon early in the morning, then follow with a glass of water every hour. So by drinking lemon water regularly every morning, afternoon and evening will certainly awake the slimness of the body. Lime juice is able to erode the existing fats in the body.

If you feel too acidic to drink lemon water can then be mixed into various types of food. Lime can be used to mix a salad, steamed chicken or mixed with honey, if you feel too acidic.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Snack Energy Enhancer

only a few snacks that are useful for energy intake, the rest mostly just be a pile of fat. The following snack foods contain nutrients but also make your stomach full and energized:
Snacks made from this fruit is not only healthy and tasty but the stomach proved to be very effective. In order not bored, you try to make juice from fruits such as apples, bananas, strawberries were added a little sugar sweet (use low-calorie sugar also want to be healthier longer). If you want the best taste, you can also add a little honey to give a little flavor variation. This food is very good because in addition contain fiber, vitamins, and minerals, these foods can also optimize body functions.
Corn Salad
Please check to a supermarket, the corn is available at almost any season, so it is not difficult to find. Corn has a sweet taste and crunchy texture that makes the yellow one is not bored to be consumed. Corn is the largest source of B vitamins, especially thiamine and niacin. Yellow corn is a good source of beta carotene which also contained vitamin A in it.
Sandwiches of baked beans
This is one of the easiest sandwiches can be prepared.This food is well taken because the content of nuts in it is a good source of protein. Besides wheat bread is a healthy source of carbohydrates and rich in fiber, that's what makes the body can withstand foodlovers hungry for several hours. In addition, it contains tomato also contains lycopene and antioksiden which helps fight the formation of cancer cells in the body.
Fruit and yogurt
Snacks made of fruit and yogurt will give foodlovers extra energy intake during the next few hours. Yogurt is surprisingly a very good source of calcium and needed by the body and bones. Not only that, yogurt also contains useful bacteria for good digestion and to boost immunity.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Eight Key Benefits of Mango

MANGO is known to contain antioxidants that neutralize free radicals that can damage cells and lead to health problems like heart disease, cancer, and premature aging. However, actually there are many more benefits of this aromatic fruit propagators, following some of them:
1. A high content of iron is good for pregnant women and people with anemia. But, do not get excessive, consult your physician first untukmendapatkan dose according to your condition.
2. You mess around with the problem of clogging the pores of the face? Tempelkanlah mango slices into your face and wash after ten minutes.
3. If you have any problems with the digestive tract, there is no fruit that can help a lot as well as mango. Mangoes can digestion because they contain enzymes that digest protein Formatting.
4. Mangoes are rich in potassium, so good for lowering blood pressure. In addition, mangos also contain pectin, fiber materials that can lower cholesterol levels in the body.
5. You are trying to gain weight? Put the mango into your daily menu. Mangoes are rich in calories and carbohydrates that nourish and increase endurance.
6. Some studies suggest consuming mango may reduce the risk of kidney stone formation.
7. Is studying for an exam? The fruit is also rich in glutamine's acid protein that is essential for concentration and memory. Instead mencamil chips and pastries, it's better to eat slices of mango while you learn.
8. Although not traditionally considered as an aphrodisiac, mangos contain vitamin E which membantung improve one's sex life. Vitamin E is function of sex hormones regulate seseorang.Jadi

10 Strangest Food Man That Ever Used...

Food for some people is fun. For some others, such as those undergoing strict diet, is a curse, but somehow the food needed for the rest of our lives.

Most of us know what is eaten, especially if you cook it yourself at home. But what about food out there? In the shop, a restaurant or a five-star hotel restaurant or factory-made foods, where food is presented before us, and we do not know what ingredients have been mixed in our food!
You may have full confidence to the professional chef with a high level of expertise in food processing, and certainly did not think that they are mixing strange ingredients, or may not make sense in your diet. But after learning some of the most bizarre food ingredients and following extreme, which has actually used in foods today, I'm sure you'll think: what am I eating this?
1. Gold
Gold is a precious metal of the most beautiful in the world. In addition to the material well-loved women's jewelry, gold materials are also used in certain parts of the elements for electronics. But announcing you that gold is also the subject trimmer for food and beverages with the code E number E175.
Gold is very popular as an additional ingredient in alcoholic drinks such as the traditional liqueur from Germany and Poland called Goldwasser (Goldwater), which contains thousands of tiny gold layer. Gold does not react in the body chemistry, so the gold just passed and no effect on the body and have no nutritional value.
Already expensive, and certainly it's not there .. EXPENSIVE-__-
2. Virus
In August 2006, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA = Food and Drug Administration) approved the use of bacteriophage-bacteriophage in the presentation of food (particularly in meat products ready to eat). A bacteriophage is a virus that infects bacteria. The rationale of the use of these viruses in food because of its usefulness to eat any bacteria that would cause food poisoning. Every year 2,500 people in the U.S. and pain caused by listeriosis as a result, millions of Americans now regularly eat foods that viruses are added intentionally to stop the growth of bacteria that causes thousands of people fell ill. The FDA said that foods that are included with this virus does not require a label. And the really scary, they said: "Throughout accordance with existing regulations, we conclude that the use of these viruses is safe." Bermanfaatkah do you think? Foodlovers who decide for yourself.
3. Borax
Borax (Borax) is material to extinguish the fire, insecticides, hair care for horses, a mixture of glass and detergent materials, and various other products. In the United States is prohibited materials used in preparing food, but not so in some other states. Borax is often used as a preservative in caviar (fish eggs), and in some Asian countries can be found in the noodles, beef meatballs, and rice. Borax is coded by E Number E285 has the effect of a serious intoxication in humans (especially in the testes).
4. Liquid Asphalt
First, amaranth flowers are used as food coloring (red with a specific color), but scientific tests have found that this material could lead to cancer. Then the proposed replacement material called Allura Red AC (numbered E Number E129). Allura Red AC is made of liquid asphalt (which is a liquid byproduct of the distillation of coal to coal gas or coke). Flammable liquid asphalt and is often used in shampoos designed to kill head lice. This material is also used to make Tylenol. Indeed, Allura Red AC is not menyebankan cancer, but can cause nausea and other side effects. Nevertheless, this material has been approved by the FDA and is very commonly found in the confectionery and soft drinks.
5. Varnish
This material is commonly used as a polishing material of wood furniture. This material is also called shellac (shellack) and used in the production of candy to give the impression of a sweet sparkle. Foods that are confirmed using this material is from Delfi Chacha confectionery (chocolate candy colors) that the composition mentioned Tartrazin Cl.19140 Lake, Red Lake Cl.16035 Alura, Cl.15985 Yellow FCF Lake, Blue Diamond Lake Cl.42090. Also a kind of natural lacquer is also generated by the secretion of the female beetles in which the material is used to make shellac pupal larvae.
6. Chinch
Color cochineal and carmine are two red dye for foods derived from bedbugs, precisely cochineal bug (a type of bedbugs that live in the U.S. family Dactylopiidae). Red food dye is produced by drying and crush the whole body of bedbugs, while the carmine color (dark red) is another form of cochineal powder. Bedbugs are usually killed by immersing them in boiling water, after a while the bedbugs will be dissolved in the water until the red color of a certain level. Is it like pink or orange red. 155 000 bedbugs are needed to make 1 kg of material. Cochineal has been used for hundreds of years and also used as a fabric dye that is very popular.
7. Cigarette
Really?! cigarettes are the objects that are no longer foreigners and employed nearly 1.2 million people in this world. There are those who suggest, if you do not smoke, then smoke it eat it! Well, the way is by dropping a cigarette or cigar into a bottle of vodka or brandy, and let the nicotine and tar from cigarettes is contaminating drinking with reddish color and flavor and aroma of a typical cigarette. Mixed drinks are often called-tea-nicotine. You want to try it yourself?
8. Beaver
You must have heard about the badger coffee, coffee beans are extracted from badger feces (a type of weasel) and high-priced. Such materials are also following, namely anal juices beaver (castoreum), which is a material produced from glands located between the anus and beaver genitals. This material is most commonly used as ingredients in the appetizer raspberry products, to strengthen the sense of sweetness. It is also found in chewing gum and cigarettes. The question is: who the hell has the idea of ​​using a beaver anal juice to taste delicious in raspberry products?
9. Human Hair
L-cysteine ​​is a kind of amino acids that are usually used in baked goods because it would increase the suppleness and softness of the dough. This material is also commonly used in hair curling activities. Additionally you can find it on the cake donuts, breads, pastries, and many more delicious foods. The cheapest way to obtain this material, and the most common source today-is with a special chemical process using a human hair, mostly sourced from China. Therefore, the use of L-cysteine ​​is a debate whether the use of this material the same as eating human flesh. In China they are used in the production of soy ingredients. When asked of the officer soybean processing plant from which the amino acid syrup or powder is obtained, he replied that the powder produced a human hair.
10. Dirt
A common ingredient found in the feces is called skatole. The word is rooted in old Greek, namely "skating" means animal waste. Which then decreased to the word "scatology" means the science of dirt. Skatolr derived from mammals, resulting in the digestive tract, and it smells like dirt. This fun ingredients used in cigarettes, some perfume